SG Business Management Consultancy (SGBMC) is the brainchild of Srivante Gunawardena, who is by profession a Lawyer cum Accountant. Prior to SGBMC, he was practising as an independent consultant, specialising in the area of Regulatory Compliance and before this he worked in the corporate sector as the Head of Compliance in a leading insurance company. However, he began his career in the legal field, covering the entire spectrum of Commercial Law; from corporate work to litigation.

The concept behind SGBMC is to give businesses peace of mind by letting them focus on what really matters, while SGBMC takes care of the rest. These are non-core activities that would otherwise distract businesses from their strategic and core operations. SGBMC takes the burden of these activities and provides the assurance needed to run the business smoothly.

The unique proposition of SGBMC is that every client is dealt with by an experienced professional, who has engaged in similar work at leading organisations in the country or overseas. This contrasts from some of the big named firms, where your case is handed to a novice, who has stated his or her career in the firm itself and has no relevant industry experience.


Srivante Gunawardena